How Irrevocable Funeral Trust Funds Work

26 August 2015
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Quickly raising the money for a funeral can cause a financial hardship for many families. However, with some careful planning and foresight, you can make arrangements to pay for your funeral ahead of time. Irrevocable funeral trust funds allow you to set aside money months and years before you pass away to pay for the type of funeral you desire. Here is how you can set up an irrevocable trust fund to pay for your funeral costs. Read More 

How To Make The Death Of A Loved One Less Traumatic For Your Young Child

25 June 2015
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The loss of a family member is a tough experience for everyone involved, especially for young children who don't yet fully understand the concept of death. Your little one knows something is wrong whether you directly tell them the situation or not, so it's best to be direct and explain things in a way that helps them accept the loss and naturally grieve. Here's how to make the death of a loved one less traumatic for your child: Read More 

5 Things To Avoid Saying At A Funeral

5 May 2015
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Attending a funeral or memorial service is a good way to pay your respects and express sympathy to the close family members of the deceased. Unfortunately, it can be hard to figure out what to say. There are also some things you should avoid saying, as they can come off as hurtful and disrespectful. Here are some things to be careful not to say when attending a funeral service. Asking What They Got in the Will Read More 

Step-By-Step Adoption Guide

5 March 2015
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Choosing to adopt a child can be a life changing experience. Many couples cannot have children naturally, but they certainly want a child of their own. Often, birth parents simply cannot support a child and offer their children to be adopted. If you're considering adoption, there are certain steps that must be followed. Making the Decision Determining whether or not adoption is best for your family is the first step in the process. Read More 

Wedding Dress Shopping Made Easier: What You Should Know

30 January 2015
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When you get engaged, your excitement to start planning begins almost immediately. The central element that sets the tone for your entire wedding is your dress. Because of this, you feel a great deal of pressure to pick the right dress. Plus you have heard all about the "bridal moment" you will have when you try on the perfect dress and everything just falls into place. This pressure and need to find the right dress for your big day, can make wedding dress shopping difficult and daunting. Read More